Born Nagyvàrad, Transylvania

Emigrates to Brooklyn, NY

BFA Photography, School of Visual Arts, NY

1991 - Starts 24 year project A LIFE WORTH LIVING about a single mother of two and how we make a life for our children which continues in TRUE TO LIFE

1996 - Begins extended project LE MAL DU PAYS, reconciling childhood stories with the homogenization of current day Europe

2000 - Works on MONSOON WEDDING in India, stays on for two months to photograph SUBCONTINENTAL

2001 - Starts compiling images for SOME SAY LAND OF PARADISE, SOME SAY LAND OF PAIN, a post 9/11 look at the American landscape

2001 - Moves to Los Angeles, California

2006 - Receives John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in Photography

2006 - THE STRUCTURE OF L.A., reflecting on the political, economic and social environment through architecture

2009 - Shows in eros/thanatos at PØST Gallery Los Angeles and Project Space Kreuzberg, Berlin

2010 - eros/thanatos - 12 Gauge Series, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance CA

2010 - New Yorker magazine publishes profile and online portfolio of A LIFE WORTH LIVING & TRUE TO LIFE

2010/2013 - Shows in PANNAROMA in New Orleans, Miami and New York

2014 - Continues to photograph in Los Angeles

2015 - Participates in A New Nothing

2017 - Shows in Close To Me at the National Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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